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Motivational speaking comes naturally to Tammy Ward. She embodies the true spirit of resilience, overcoming adversities, and demonstrating an unwavering commitment to holistic well-being.

Tammy’s journey, marked by personal transformations and unfathomable losses, led her to establish TLW Yoga and Wellness. Through her motivational speaking engagements, Tammy has become a captivating storyteller, connecting with audiences through narratives that reflect resilience, contribution, and humor.

In addition to her professional accomplishments, Tammy actively contributes to various community initiatives. She serves as the President of the Women in Business Network, Fredericton, volunteers for the SPCA, and holds leadership positions on committees addressing domestic violence, including the Silent Witness Project and Safety for Pets Too, of which she is the Chair and Co-founder.

Although there are many things that have happened in Tammy’s life to shape who she is today, there are four examples that really stand out when Tammy tells her story.

Breaking Barriers in Law Enforcement
Tammy defied the odds by becoming a Police Officer despite facing discouragement due to her size. Her determination to pursue her passion in the face of skepticism is a testament to her true grit and growth mindset.
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Courage in the Face of Workplace Harassment
Tammy confronted severe workplace harassment, bravely speaking up despite knowing that the path to improvement would be challenging. She filed a Human Rights complaint against the RCMP, showcasing her resilience in the pursuit of justice.
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Surviving Moncton Shootings and Suicides
Tammy's resilience reached new heights following the traumatic events surrounding the Moncton shootings and the subsequent suicides of two colleagues. Overcoming this harrowing experience, she channeled her strength into creating a safe space through TLW Yoga and Wellness, offering Trauma Informed Yoga Classes for the Military, coaching others, and engaging in motivational speaking.
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Advocacy Against Domestic Violence
Having personally experienced domestic violence, Tammy's passion for helping others is deeply rooted. Her initiatives within the RCMP, including introducing a training course and a lethality risk assessment tool, highlight her commitment to addressing this critical issue. The creation of the "Safe for Pets Too" Program further demonstrates her dedication to providing a safe option for women and their pets in domestic violence situations.
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Motivational Speaking Topics


Finding Purpose

Mental Health and Wellness

Female Empowerment

Team Building through Positive Mindset

Trauma and PTSD Healing and Coping

Mindfulness in the workplace leads to a more driven, happy team.

Why Hire Tammy to Speak?

As a speaker and storyteller, I connect with audiences through narratives that reflect my values of resilience, contribution, and humor, making my talks relatable and impactful.

My transition from law enforcement showcases a unique perspective on personal growth and commitment to holistic well-being.

 Learn from someone who not only learned from the best but has applied those lessons to create a positive impact.

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