Motivational Speaking

With Tammy Ward

There is power in sharing.

Motivational speaking comes naturally to Tammy. Her style is raw, authentic, and unfiltered, captivating you with each word. Through her passionate talks on heavy topics, she allows her audience to feel the struggles, tragedy, and emotions from her 20 years of serving as a female Sergeant in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

As Tammy shares snippets of her past, you’ll realize the importance of community and support. Many corporations speak on ‘workplace culture’ and the critical role of inclusion, especially in today’s work environment. By communicating the lessons she has learned in her career without spreading shame or blame, Tammy turns her experiences into pivotal moments in the perception of those listening.

‘When you’ve walked a mile in my shoes, you’ll understand.’

Are you ready to go for a stroll?

Although there are many things that have happened in Tammy’s life to shape who she is today, there are four examples that really stand out when Tammy tells her story.

Breaking Barriers in Law Enforcement
Tammy defied the odds by becoming a Police Officer despite facing discouragement due to her size. Her determination to pursue her passion in the face of skepticism is a testament to her true grit and growth mindset.
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Courage in the Face of Workplace Harassment
Tammy confronted severe workplace harassment, bravely speaking up despite knowing that the path to improvement would be challenging. She filed a Human Rights complaint against the RCMP, showcasing her resilience in the pursuit of justice.
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Surviving Moncton Shootings and Suicides
Tammy's resilience reached new heights following the traumatic events surrounding the Moncton shootings and the subsequent suicides of two colleagues. Overcoming this harrowing experience, she channeled her strength into creating a safe space, offering Trauma Informed Yoga Classes for the Military, coaching others, and engaging in motivational speaking.
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Advocacy Against Domestic Violence
Having personally experienced domestic violence, Tammy's passion for helping others is deeply rooted. Her initiatives within the RCMP, including introducing a training course and a lethality risk assessment tool, highlight her commitment to addressing this critical issue. The creation of the "Safe for Pets Too" Program.
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Tammy's Speaking Experiences

Keynote Speaking

Tammy is an exceptional keynote speaker who excels at engaging audiences right from the start of conferences, setting a positive tone for the event.

Her keynote speeches are deeply impactful, as she shares her own experiences and stories, often focusing on themes of resilience, overcoming trauma, and personal growth.

Tammy’s speeches are not only motivational but also educational, offering practical insights and tools that audience members can apply to their own lives and work environments.

She has a knack for connecting with diverse audiences and leaving a lasting impression that inspires positive change.


Tammy has extensive experience participating in panels on a wide range of topics, including but not limited to domestic violence, policing strategies, community response, and mental wellness.

As a panellist, Tammy brings a unique perspective shaped by her personal and professional experiences. She contributes valuable insights and fosters meaningful discussions. She is adept at articulating complex issues and engaging with fellow panellists and audience members in a respectful and informative manner.

Breakout Sessions

Tammy offers breakout sessions at conferences, focusing on topics such as mental wellness, self-care, motivation, and coping strategies.

These sessions provide attendees with a more intimate and interactive learning experience, allowing for deeper exploration of key concepts and practical application of strategies.

Tammy’s breakout sessions are highly customizable, catering to the specific needs and interests of each audience and organization.

Participants come away from these sessions with actionable takeaways and a renewed sense of motivation and empowerment.

Lunch & Learn

Tammy conducts personalized lunch and learn sessions for organizations, addressing specific challenges and priorities identified.

These sessions are designed to be intimate and interactive, fostering open dialogue and sharing of experiences among participants.

Tammy provides practical strategies and tools for improving morale, productivity, and overall well-being within the workplace.

Lunch and learns offer a valuable opportunity for team building, skill development, and personal growth, ultimately contributing to a more positive and supportive work environment.

Motivational Speaking Topics


Finding Purpose

Mental Health and Wellness

Female Empowerment

Team Building through Positive Mindset

Trauma and PTSD Healing and Coping

Mindfulness in the workplace leads to a more driven, happy team.

Why Hire Tammy to Speak?

As a speaker and storyteller, I connect with audiences by sharing narratives that embody resilience and support for people from all walks of life. My engaging strategies foster active participation, making the experience profoundly inclusive and transformative.

I don’t just talk to people; I communicate with them.

By blending humor with empathy, I make our discussions relatable to everyday life. This practical approach not only sparks relatable conversations but also inspires actionable steps that enhance teamwork and collaboration within your group.


I firmly believe that all aspects of our lives are interconnected, a principle that underpins my advocacy for wellness. In my speaking engagements, my passion lies in helping others recognize the importance of nurturing their mental well-being and practicing self-care.

Sometimes, you might think, ‘I already know how to breathe.’ But, with my guidance, I can teach you to breathe even more deeply, to connect more profoundly with the environment around you and with your inner intentions. This is how, together, we can foster a safe space where we confront and address our deepest concerns.

Having navigated through a life filled with challenges, my ability to resonate with others comes not just from academic knowledge, but from the depths of real-world experiences. While I may hold a psychology degree, it’s the trials I’ve endured and overcome that truly qualify me to stand before you today. My insights are drawn not from textbooks, but from the very paths I’ve tread — paths that are available to us all, should we choose to embark upon them.

Let me tell you, the limitations others place on you, the voices that say ‘you can’t’ or ‘you’re not good enough,’ are merely echoes of their own fears, not reflections of your true potential. You possess an innate strength and are deserving of every bit of support on your journey. Remember, it’s through embracing our own stories and challenges that we unlock our deepest wisdom and capabilities.

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