Tammy delivers motivational experiences.

Tammy delivers an impactful  story with each engagement, motivating the audience to live their best life through mindfulness, resilience, and well-being. 


Hi, I'm Tammy!

A passionate Motivational Speaker and the driving force behind TLW Yoga and Wellness. With over two decades of experience in law enforcement, including roles as a Sergeant with the RCMP specializing in Domestic Violence and Community Relations, I’ve journeyed through challenges within a traditionally male-dominated field.

Tammy's Words to Live By

It's okay not to be okay.

I am dedicated to guiding others toward greater fulfillment, regardless of age, gender or physical ability.

Your truth lies within.

With compassion and wisdom, I help people unlock their potential.
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Finding Purpose

Mental Health and Wellness

Female Empowerment

Team Building through Positive Mindset

Trauma and PTSD Healing and Coping

Start Building Workplace Mindfulness

Corporate Gatherings

Through narratives rooted in resilience and humor, Tammy creates a positive atmosphere, fostering a sense of purpose and dedication among employees. 

Keynote Speaking & Conferences

As a seasoned speaker and storyteller, her talks on self-care, finding purpose, and mental health empower attendees to embrace mindfulness, resilience, and well-being.

Luncheon Learning

Transform your lunch breaks into opportunities for growth and empowerment. These sessions bring a unique perspective on development, exploring topics such as female empowerment, trauma healing, and team building through a positive mindset. 

Tammy speaks to bring benefits to the team
AND entire organization

Speak up as if your life depends on it...

Because it does!

Tammy Ward

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